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Networking options infographic

Networking options infographic Choosing a networking option for your business requires copious amounts of research and consideration. Making a decision while lacking a thorough understanding of the facts could potentially lead to unforeseen hardships – security issues, network downtimes, a lack of scalability. Not to mention the overall capabilities of processing any business’s essential data…

What to consider when planning an IT infrastructure

What to consider when planning an IT infrastructure Planning a company’s IT Infrastructure is a daunting task. Businesses are reliant on a strong infrastructure to process pertinent information in a variety of ways, and any gaps or failures in the infrastructure can have devastating effects for a business, its employees and their clients. A critical…

How to finance your dark fiber network: Lease vs. IRU

How to finance your dark fiber network: Lease vs. IRU Before you decide to commence last mile construction for a dark fiber network, you need to find a financing solution that works for you. There are two main choices: dark fiber lease agreements and dark fiber indefeasible rights of use (IRUs). Both have their advantages…

Why dark fiber is the right choice for St. Louis legal professionals

Why dark fiber is the right choice for St. Louis legal professionals Dark fiber Internet is a smart choice for the legal profession for many of the same reasons it’s a smart choice for other businesses. Big data demands, high network security requirements and the ability to expand with new business critically important to the…

FTTH desired by young people

A survey conducted this past summer by the independent research group RVA LLC determined that owners of multiple-dwelling-unit (MDUs) properties could be missing out on a key demographic by not investing in better broadband speeds.

Dark fiber pricing in St. Louis and beyond

In addition to superior performance, dark fiber often results in substantial cost savings over lit services. But installation is something organizations need to seriously consider before choosing dark fiber. Construction is sometimes required to reach certain locations, more so if you live in a city with no preexisting dark fiber infrastructure to speak of.

Achieving network scalability via dark fiber

What business doesn’t list growth as one of their main goals? In the event of that much-sought-after expansion, you need a network that can keep up. If growth outpaces your bandwidth, you run the risk of under performing for your customers. And disappointed customers don’t remain customers very long.

The reliability of dark fiber

When it comes to reliable service, dark fiber networks have a number of advantages over lit services. From speed, to control, to the peace of mind knowing that a trusted backup network is in place, lighting an existing dark fiber network is a dependable way of connecting your business.

How fiber networks deliver security

A secure network. Achieving one is part of the responsibility of every IT professional. It is imperative for some industries, where the costs of network security breaches are sky-high and failure to comply with regulations can land them in hot water. So how can dark fiber help?