How dark fiber benefits businesses

Whether you run a small business or a large company, leasing dark fiber infrastructure yields some serious advantages in terms of security, scalability, redundancy and cost savings. Total control over your Internet infrastructure allows your IT department to reclaim one of the most important and often outsourced aspects of modern businesses. It allows owners to keep decisions about their network within their own walls, no longer at the mercy of large providers, sluggish to respond to their customers’ needs.

If your business is familiar with frequent outages, long waits to upgrade speed or getting smacked by fees to do so, taking control of your Internet infrastructure is something worth considering.

Here are some of the benefits leasing dark fiber infrastructure is offering businesses, regardless of size.


Physical layer security is something lit carriers can seldom offer. Their networks are accessible from a number of public access points, which are utilized by multiple parties and necessitate security measures such as firewalls. When you lease your own fiber network, on the other hand, a closed fiber loop is accessible only at two points, one in your building and one in the data center it’s connected to. Isolated networks offer fewer access points, limiting the potential for malicious interference. For businesses that deal in sensitive information like hospitals, data centers and financial services companies, leasing fiber infrastructure displays a serious commitment to data security.


Large providers can take weeks to accommodate a request to increase bandwidth. And since they often share bandwidth among all of their network’s subscribers, it can be tough to know what your business is actually getting. Except a higher bill. That will almost certainly accompany a bandwidth upgrade. But with a dark fiber network, increasing your bandwidth costs no more than the equipment purchased by your IT department. For some of our customers, this one-time investment can take an office space from two gigabits to 18 in the space of a single afternoon. Dark fiber allows businesses to upgrade on their own time, terms and to virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity.


How familiar is your business with Internet outages? How normal is it to be familiar with them? With the redundant network solutions offered by dark fiber, they can be put firmly in the past. We help connect data centers, hosting companies and carrier hotels in a way that ensures no one disaster or trouble spot in a network can knock a business offline. The multiplexing made possible by dark fiber infrastructure allows IT professionals to turn one fiber into several, independent concurrent connections. It also enables multiple business sites to be linked by a single, high-speed connection, providing redundancy, enhancing resiliency and building disaster recovery capabilities.


Many might expect control of your businesses’ own, blazing fast fiber network to come with a hefty price tag. So people are often surprised to learn that, all else being equal, leasing dark fiber usually leads to substantial cost savings over subscribing to a lit service. This is especially true when business owners work with fiber Internet companies that have capabilities and experience with last-mile fiber connections, often the priciest portion of a fiber project. And when capabilities and experience meet a comprehensive presence in strategically important business corridors, tapping your business into a dark fiber network can be one of the most affordable Internet options available.

When comparing dark fiber and lit services, dark fiber offers some glaring advantages that should be taken into account by businesses. The cost savings, flexibility, security and downright performance are advantages crying out to be examined more closely. Before you assume your business is stuck with a large, entrenched provider, contact Arch Fiber Networks to discuss that other option for downtown St. Louis businesses.