Dark fiber pricing in St. Louis and beyond

In addition to superior performance, dark fiber often results in substantial cost savings over lit services. But installation is something organizations need to seriously consider before choosing dark fiber. Construction is sometimes required to reach certain locations, more so if you live in a city with no preexisting dark fiber infrastructure to speak of.

Knowing the location of the existing fiber networks will provide a better understanding of the size of the undertaking. While laterals and last mile fiber connections may represent significant investments upfront, dark fiber offers the promise of strong ROI for companies that use a substantial amount of bandwidth.

Dark fiber costs

The economic benefits realized from having state-of-the-art infrastructure beneath your cities streets are becoming increasingly obvious. If there is still any doubt that dark fiber infrastructure is delivering returns for cities and the companies that operate within them, consider cities like Longmont, Colorado and Rockport, Maine, which are making big investments in ultra high-speed Internet connections. They know that this is the way to court innovative startups and hold onto homegrown talent.

It may seem obvious that the more infrastructure that is available in your area, the more economically feasible it becomes for businesses to tap into these networks. Chances are your business will not need to go as far to connect with existing fiber rings, and the last mile expenditures will be lower than if going a longer distance.

Notifying a dark fiber provider of your interest can also lead to cost savings. Once it has been determined there is substantial interest in an area, there’s greater chance of expansion into that region. The provider can keep you abreast of any developments nearby, which will likely lower your costs for connecting to the network.

This fact also has big implications for mega providers that have typically enjoyed advantages in the telecomm market as a result of their size. In some ways, it makes things simpler for local fiber providers playing on their home turf. Just because large companies normally dominate in factors determined by economies of scale—number of employees, equipment, R&D departments, etc.—does not mean that they will be able to make an offer that even comes close to a local company that already has infrastructure in the area. Many major providers hold their last mile services in high regard. And they charge heavily for them.

Thankfully, the cost of dark fiber in Downtown St. Louis doesn’t have to include a brand new infrastructure initiative, or attempts to appease out-of-town corporations with the hope that they will one day bring affordable fiber to the city. Dark fiber has already come to Downtown St. Louis. And when it’s already where you work, the cost of last mile installations fall and savings are quickly realized.

Contact a dark fiber representative today to talk about where our network is and where it could go to provide telecomm savings for your business.

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