Fiber Internet by popular demand for another Wash Ave loft

Our latest—and fastest from commitment to installation—fiber project involved connecting the Railway Lofts at 1619 Washington Avenue to our dark fiber network. This project stood out as a testament to the power of popular support for such projects. Tenants of the building banded together to signify their unified support for an alternative Internet solution than the one currently offered, which was associated with both poor customer service and poor Internet service.

One tenant in the lofts even mentioned he would consider moving if the Internet status quo continued on. The building owners heard their tenants, however, and initiated improvements in a speedy fashion. From commitment to contracts and installation, the Railway Lofts stand as one of the fastest timelines for completion of a fiber project thus far. Not that our customers thought we were all that sluggish before.

Now, tenants of the Railway Lofts are able to receive gigabit Internet speeds in their lofts through our partnership with Elite Systems. Following on the heels of a major collaboration between building owners, this project presents the promise of intra-building cooperation and the lengths it can go to convince building owners that modern Internet infrastructure is a real priority.

We look forward to seeing more of such examples of community cooperation as we march onward toward our goal of transforming St. Louis into a gigabit city.