Fiber Internet arrives at downtown’s ArtLoft

Arch Fiber Networks is proud to announce that the ArtLoft of St. Louis is now tapped into our downtown fiber network. The artists-in-residence who occupy the building at 1531 Washington Avenue now have access to some of the fastest Internet speeds available in the city.

Along with Elite Systems, LLC., Arch Fiber Networks has brought fiber cables into the building to replace a previous connection with a capacity of only 6 megabits of DSL service that was shared among the buildings sixty plus tenants. Residents now have the option for gigabit Internet speeds in individual units, massively expanding their bandwidth capacity for both personal and professional projects.

Beginning in 1993, ArtLoft St. Louis began hatching a plan for joint living/work spaces to be offered to the city’s resident artists. Not without skepticism and projections of failure, ArtLoft was able to forge ahead with the development and financing of 63 such units, reaching full occupancy in only four months.

The artists living in the lofts now have one more, powerful, tool in their repertoire. Gigabit Internet at an affordable price can be seen as a continuation of the community support that helps these artists to enrich the life of the city and those who live in it. Arch Fiber Networks is proud to have participated in the project that brought fiber to these lofts.