Finding a secure, autonomous dark fiber network in St. Louis

Company overview

Years ago we helped a St. Louis marketing firm with building their ideal network. The full-service branding and communications firm is one of the largest in the area. In the interest of safety and security, it’s the company’s policy to remain anonymous when discussing details surrounding their core infrastructure.

In the years since first doing business together, Arch Fiber has been able to expand the company’s available number of fiber optic cables and assist with a smooth transition through a building move.

The issue

The company’s Director of Information Technology wanted to ensure the safest possible network connection for his company. In order to remain isolated from other networks, the company was searching for a point-to-point solution that would eliminate many of the security measures demanded by a shared network.

The company, having an experienced, professional IT staff, looked for a solution that would allow them more autonomy than with a shared network. The IT department knew that they didn’t want to be beholden to another provider’s equipment, bandwidth restrictions, or to be subject to downtime for configuration. In short, they wanted total control of their network. But when they were in need of support, the company wanted to make sure to have immediate access to knowledgeable, responsive staff.

A secure, autonomous St. Louis dark fiber network

How we helped

  • By offering last-mile installation for a new building at a small fraction of the estimated costs given by a few of the largest players in the telecommunications market. 
  • By providing a point-to-point connection, isolated from the sort of shared connections that create the need for a large number of firewalls and other security enhancements.
  • By allowing the company the freedom to own its own equipment and to scale up its bandwidth whenever necessary. 
  • By installing excess fiber infrastructure in the event that additional strands are necessary for expansion in the future.
  • By providing a name. Of a real person. Not just a number the company could call in case of problems with a network. This means they are on the phone with someone, immediately working toward a solution, in the event of an issue. “It’s the responsiveness and the ownership that I appreciate,” said the company’s Director of Information Technology, “I know it’s going to be taken care of. It’s not a big corporation where I’m just a ticket.”