How fiber networks deliver security

A secure network. Achieving one is part of the responsibility of every IT professional. It is imperative for some industries, where the costs of network security breaches are sky-high and failure to comply with regulations can land them in hot water. Reverberations from a damaged reputation are felt long after a security breakdown occurs.

Proponents of fiber networks nearly always mention security as a benefit. Too many stop there, though, neglecting to explain the characteristics of dark fiber networks that lead to greater security. Here’s how owning or leasing your own dark fiber network delivers real security benefits.

Physical-layer security

The realities of fiber optic layouts ensure a high level of physical security. Unlike public access telecomm networks, with multiple public access points at various terminal and intermediate nodes throughout the network, dark fiber routes are accessible only at each of the two endpoints of the fiber run.

With a traditional carrier, numerous steps must be taken to isolate a businesses infrastructure from others on the network. Firewalls and other protective measures are required to insulate the network from potential threats anywhere there is a shared environment.

Cutting back on the number of network access points limits the potential for malicious interference with the network, reducing the need for these additional firewalls and other security measures. Since dark fiber is point-to-point, rather than a shared network supporting multiple users, the opportunities for breaches are reduced to the point of nearly being eliminated. With a network completely dedicated to one customer, CIOs know that their network is about as secure as it can get.

Leasing or owning a dark fiber route also ensures that an organization retains control over its network. Instead of outsourcing bandwidth needs to a third party, this option allows for total control of the capacity and equipment over a private network.

Tight security makes dark fiber an ideal option for those who regularly deal with sensitive information, such as healthcare organizations and financial institutions. Having a dedicated network helps to achieve compliance with regulatory standards for these industries. It’s also a method for leaving third parties out of sensitive operations.

Talk to a dark fiber expert

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