Networking options infographic

Choosing a networking option for your business requires copious amounts of research and consideration. Making a decision while lacking a thorough understanding of the facts could potentially lead to unforeseen hardships – security issues, network downtimes, a lack of scalability. Not to mention the overall capabilities of processing any business’s essential data quickly and without lag times.

This infographic provides a rundown of key considerations for the three different types of networking options that most businesses use in their operations. Examining the benefits and drawbacks of dark fiber, lit fiber and copper telecommunications and how they pertain to your business’s current and future needs will lead to an ideal solution.

From speed and security to infrastructure and costs, this infographic will show why dark fiber is a superior choice for businesses when compared to other networking options. There may be more work getting dark fiber set up since the business will be tasked with continual configuration of the network, but this level of control enables business owners more networking capabilities than ever before.