Six benefits of fiber network solutions for your business

benefits of a fiber network solution for businesses

When it comes to enterprise networking, businesses have an important decision to make. The majority of IT decision makers for businesses (a whopping 88%) are feeling pressure to deliver products and services faster, and an effective network solution is an essential part of that. Businesses need a reliable network to meet the needs of valued customers, protect sensitive information and grow as a business — and they need it now.

An answer to these high-stakes networking needs? A dark fiber network.

Fiber network solutions can ease concerns about speed and security for today and scalability for tomorrow. Here we’ll outline questions to ask before choosing a network strategy, then describe six ways in which fiber can meet — and exceed — your networking needs.

Key considerations for your business’s network

Before selecting a networking strategy, it’s important to understand certain characteristics of your business. Going over the following will lead to a best-fit network:

Number of employees

Simply put, the more employees you have, the more broadband your business will need. But also think about the nature of your employees and their work. Do employees work remotely, or need access to files in the field? Whether you’re a small 30-person company or a large multi-state corporation, every enterprise needs reliable network access for their employees.

Number of network devices and applications they rely on

The cloud, IoT devices, video conferencing — take stock of the devices and applications that will connect to the network. Basic activities like email and messaging will require less bandwidth (though still need high reliability), while video or large file transfers have a higher need for bandwidth. Click here for tools on how to measure your business’s bandwidth needs based on your network devices and applications.

Expectations for business growth

As your business grows, so will your networking needs. A network that doesn’t take growth into account will become dated and difficult to use, which increases the likelihood of network failures. Think critically about how you expect your company to grow — and the network needs that will come with it.

How to finance

Understand your business’s budget for networking. Like any choice in running a business, you’ll get what you pay for — and an investment up front can pay off exponentially over time.

Why fiber network solutions are right for enterprise networking

Now that you understand the key characteristics of your business’s networking needs, it’s time to evaluate options. Dark fiber addresses many enterprise needs: Speed, security and scalability, to name a few. Read on for a description of the benefits of fiber network solutions and why it’s a wise choice for any forward-thinking, digitally transformed business.

Unmatched speed for a fast-paced business world

Dark fiber provides 1000 mbps speeds for data transfer across the internet — a vast improvement from cable internet’s top speed of 100 mbps. When you’re in the middle of an important video conference or need to transfer a large file in minutes instead of hours, you’ll be thankful for the breakneck speeds of fiber network solutions.

Peace of mind through improved security

The biggest motivator for investment in networking technology? Security, according to the 2018 Interop State of Infrastructure. It makes sense — data security for any business is becoming essential for success and client trust. Dark fiber isn’t connected to public access networks like lit fiber or copper. Instead, its closed loops are accessible only from a small number of points, ensuring the security of your business’s network.

A network that can grow with you

You want a network solution that’s not just right for your business now — you want it to work for your business one, five, ten years down the line. With dark fiber, scaling up your network is quick and easy. Because you can configure your own lasers or wavelengths, you can increase the network’s bandwidth at no extra cost.

Minimized downtimes and increased productivity

Downtime on an enterprise network can mean lost revenue, lost client trust — even putting lives in danger in the case of key healthcare infrastructure. When Odessa Medical Health Center sought a network solution with 100% uptime for the health system (much of which is cloud-based and uses IoT), they chose a dark fiber network solution. Even if your business’s stakes aren’t so high that five nines reliability isn’t enough, decreased downtime means streamlined, efficient business practices.

A network primed for the 5G transition

The debut of 5G will transform networking for enterprises in practically every industry. And the organizations with fiber access will benefit the most, as 5G will rely on wireline networks like fiber to succeed. While 5G won’t be available for widespread use until the 2020s, it will offer unprecedented performance (such as nearly 100% network availability and less than 1 millisecond latency). Businesses ready to connect to 5G via a fiber network will have a valuable head start.

Upfront costs, long-term payoff

When paying for network access, businesses are traditionally at the mercy of telecommunications providers. Such was the case in Florida’s Martin County, where the local government faced an 800% increase in price for telecommunications access. But after doing calculations on long-term costs, local leaders and elected officials switched to a county-owned fiber optic network. The estimated cost savings? Approximately $10 million over 10 years. A fiber network is an investment up front, but the long-term savings and flexibility for a business are huge.

Start a conversation with a dark fiber expert

The pressure to select the optimal network solution is immense — but the payoff is substantial. Organizations with a successful digital transformation and networking strategy are more than twice as likely to exceed their revenue targets.

Fiber network solutions can mean a more successful business. Take the first step and reach out to one of our dark fiber experts.