Downtown St. Louis fiber conduit

Arch Fiber Network’s multi-duct system connects the downtown business district of St. Louis to nearby industrial areas and the vibrant Washington Avenue loft district.

We also own diverse conduit and fiber routes sprawling beneath the downtown St. Louis-area and with connection points via diverse directional bores beneath the Mississippi River to East St. Louis and southwestern Illinois. Additionally, we have connections to a diverse fiber route linking our conduit system to suburban business districts in the western portion of the area.

Our conduit system provides high connectivity from neutral colocation carrier hotels and central switching centers to commercial and high-density residential and industrial complexes. We offer ducts and/or fiber, allowing you to provide affordable bandwidth to your clients. Additionally, our network passes within blocks of many downtown St. Louis cellular towers, all of which have the potential to be served with fiber.

Our offerings include:

  • More than 20 miles of conduit, includes approximately 1.4 million feet of duct and encompasses more than 3,275 fiber miles.
  • A highly secure, completely underground infrastructure consisting of steel and concrete encasements and dual routing for system fail protection. Large manholes have been installed to provide accessibility throughout.
  • Connections to three neutral colo carrier hotels, plus AT&T™, Qwest® and CenturyLink™ PoPs, and the Zayo PoP facility.
  • Access to more than 65 on-network sites, with fiber and/or conduit available.
  • Connections to the MetroLink and MoDOT dark fiber systems serving western suburban St. Louis
  • Varying amounts of dark fiber and duct that is still available in mainline and lateral routes.

To learn more about AFN’s business pricing for fiber conduit leasing or purchasing, please contact us.