Network solutions for enterprise

As enterprises evaluate how to maximize telecom services and budgets simultaneously, dark fiber emerges as a smart solution. Dark fiber provides a host of benefits to the enterprise including:

  • Cost savings over lit services
  • Dedicated and virtually unlimited bandwidth
  • High degree of security for compliance and regulatory industries
  • Flexibility and scalability for evolving needs
  • Complete control for in-house IT staff
  • Ability to design lowest possible latency routes in the area
  • Affordable, flat monthly rates or long-term IRU options

Arch Fiber Networks offers a robust and secure dark fiber network that covers the St. Louis area, connecting the downtown district to the nearby businesses and educational campuses and even connects across the river to Illinois. From rapid price quotes to concierge-level service after the sale, Arch Fiber Networks delivers top-notch service with your growing business needs in mind.

Today’s businesses have unique needs, and our solutions meet you where you are. Get access to our highly secure network, which offers high bandwidth and top-notch customer service.

If you’re ready to consider dark fiber for your enterprise network, Arch Fiber Networks has a solution for you. Receive a complimentary network and colocation services audit today.