Fiber to the premises (FTTP)

Activities like home video streaming and working remotely are making a reliably fast Internet connection more important than ever. That’s why Arch Fiber Networks is looking to offer fiber to the premises (FTTP) services for businesses and residents of certain downtown St. Louis neighborhoods.

FTTPArch Fiber Networks believes that fast, reliable Internet for all leads to the sort of healthy communities that innovate and grow. We’ve seen time and again, all across the country, that those communities with up-to-date Internet infrastructure are the ones that draw top talent, foster startups and create jobs. Without waiting to be chosen by a transnational telco, Arch Fiber Networks is committed to bringing these positive changes to St. Louis communities.

While we’re still rolling out our FTTP services, we’re committed to meeting demand for gigabit Internet in downtown St. Louis—without waiting for a large out-of-town company to do it for us. And studies do show that FTTP is in demand, both for residents and businesses, and that fiber to the premise can add real value for owners of apartment complexes, retirement communities and student housing units by increasing renter satisfaction and satisfying the demand for broadband as an amenity.

That’s why we’re encouraging downtown St. Louis residents to check in with our dark fiber map to see if Arch Fiber Networks currently has infrastructure in the area. If so, please let your building owner know you’re interested in these services. The larger the demand for fiber to the premises in the area, the sooner we’ll be able to offer FTTP as a service for area residents and businesses. Fiber is the future, so let’s take St. Louis there together.

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