Wireless backhaul solutions

Today’s consumers have higher expectations for mobile than ever. We know the current stresses being placed on wireless providers as backhaul capacities are pushed to their limit. Arch Fiber has exceptional knowledge and experience in fiber backhaul connectivity and wireless setup. Our reliable, diverse network saturates the St. Louis metro area — providing virtually limitless opportunities to capitalize on cell tower space.

With dark fiber from Arch Fiber Networks, wireless backhaul providers can:

  • Increase capacity exponentially
  • Scale networks on-demand
  • Gain greater degree of control over the network
  • Enjoy economies of scale and maximize connectivity budget returns

Arch Fiber Networks can even construct fiber to the tower and connect to MSCs. We’ll custom build the solutions and manage the wireless backhaul construction end-to-end. With decades in telecom construction, Arch Fiber’s parent company can address most any fiber needs for wireless providers.

Add fiber bandwidth with a network that passes within a block of many downtown St. Louis cell towers, all of which can be connected to our fiber network.

Discover how Arch Fiber Networks can boost your network capacity and scale your bandwidth — quickly and affordably. Contact us today!