Three high-profile buildings in downtown St. Louis team up for dark fiber Internet

Three high-profile buildings in downtown St. Louis have reached an agreement to bring dark fiber onto their premises, earning each direct fiber conduit access to Arch Fiber Network’s downtown St. Louis fiber backbone. The three building will share the last-mile costs of bringing the fiber conduit into the area, making them the latest in downtown St. Louis to tap into the city’s most expansive dark fiber network.

Due to their proximity to one another, the three downtown buildings joined forces to bring the city’s fastest Internet speeds to a large portion of the two downtown St. Louis city blocks they partially occupy. After one of the building’s owners began seriously considering dark fiber, a third-party was brought in to see if other buildings in the area could come to a cost-sharing agreement.

The deal is especially significant for Arch Fiber Networks as it represents a sensible strategy of cost-sharing to enhance the overall value of renting in these buildings. Given the close proximity of commercial and residential areas in the St. Louis area, this strategy represents real opportunity for other buildings in the area.

The so-called “last-mile” costs of a fiber Internet installation are often the most costly. Because Arch Fiber Networks already maintains an expansive subterranean fiber network, as well as a construction arm of the business with extensive experience in completing last mile fiber projects, we’re often able to offer these services at already reduced costs. But cost-sharing between adjacent buildings is a smart and viable strategy for bringing those expenses down even further.

Arch Fiber will continue to follow the last-mile installation process and post updates to our blog. Stay tuned for continued updates and be sure to signal your interest in your business or residential space being connected to Arch Fiber Network’s dark fiber backbone.